How to Win Government Contracts in 2018

My firm connects small business owners to business opportunities with state, local, and federal government. Many people contact me and the question that they have is “how do I win a government contract?” As a result, I felt it necessary to write a post on the topic to usher in the new year.

Government contracts come in many sizes, from small to large. They are awarded to established businesses, as well as new enterprises. Government contractors are a breed unto themselves, and cover the gamut of business categories: technology, defense, and health are all areas where millions in contracts are awarded. Keep reading.

When a business owner decides to pursue a government contract, they are essentially saying that they have invested in their business to the degree where they are comfortable supporting a large agency with disparate needs. Diversification of services is the best bet for companies seeking to land this business. As a business owner, if you have not invested in your business, then you are not ready to support a government agency. So once you are set up, how exactly do you win?

Understand this: landing government contracts is an industry unto itself.

The professionals who operate in this space are more than happy to support your business development.

Therefore, you should reach out to one that you know and trust or learn the process independently.

And that is how you win a government contract.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year!


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