On Value…

“Sorry guys, the client feels that we have what we need. Funding more doesn’t make sense. You’ve done an amazing job and there are spots for you up here if you are interested in moving.”

So much for great client service.

I had pushed my team to document over 300 business processes in record time. They had risen to the challenge, so much so that they had worked us right out of our contract.

That’s why when the Partner asked me to lead the new proposal effort, I felt (and we all felt) a little more hopeful.

So I led the re-compete and the firm won. Award amount?  $25M+

The announcement came right after the award notice, as they had planned. And that is when I learned exactly what was valuable to Leadership. They made it clear that they wanted me, the Rainmaker, to stay and my relocation was unnecessary.  The lessons?

Learn what is valuable to others and deliver.

Choose to be a leader or a follower, and understand the implications of each path.

Be visible or else.

Here’s to being valuable and visible leaders in 2018.

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