Lessons From “The Crown”

There is a scene in Netflix’s original series “The Crown” where Queen Elizabeth gives a speech on how the average person’s dull and monotonous life should be a source of pride since their boredom helps to keep the country (England) moving forward. Let’s just say that it didn’t go over very well. Instead of feigning faux outrage at the truth, they should have, as you should now, perform the simple act of self-reflection and ask: “Is it true?”  Do I live a life devoid of achievement?  Do people see me and say “wow, he/she sure is enjoying life!”  …Or are you living a life that keeps everything and everyone going but you, while your ambition wastes away?

Get out of your own way and take some chances. If you have a business, take a risk to improve it and yourself. And stop living as if you are dead already. Noone is going to sacrifice for your success but you.  So do something other than being the backbone of someone else’s dreams and ambitions. Understand this: Others less skilled than you will climb to the heights of success, using you as a footstool to the top, because you are afraid of risk and they are not.

You’ve been burned. So what.

Cry me a river and GET OVER IT.

Be something.

Do something

And stop being afraid. Your success depends on it.

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