So….I Hired a Business Coach

I recently started my transition from relegating my entrepreneurial aspirations to the technology domain, to pursuing a niche in small business development via government contracting. I spent 9 years in the field with a major, blue chip firm and did an extra year in commercial technology consulting at a Big 4 Accounting firm, for a total experience count of a decade. My experience in corporate America has been enlightening to say the least.

I am very grateful for what I learned while in consulting, among these lessons were how to present to customers, how to talk customers off the ledge, how to manage competing priorities, among other very valuable business operations experiences. However, I find that the most valuable knowledge that I have in terms of day to day business operations came from my dad, a 25+ year veteran entrepreneur, who has the victories (and the scars) to show for it. From him I learned to pay my quarterly estimated taxes on time, keep all of my expenses tracked, strategically manage existing customers by making them feel good when they engage, and to put your best foot forward for new customers when they walk through the door. Some of these experiences overlapped with my corporate experience, where they were simply re-inforced. Others, I had the great privilege of experiencing as a 16 year old CFO of our family business.  Consequently, you can imagine how it felt when my new venture did not take off right away, which brings me to the topic of how a former CFO and elite firm consultant finds herself hiring a business coach.

I execute beautifully and marketing has never been my thing.  It has always been something taken care of by others who were more into the business development arena. However, a lot of my work is business development in the form of proposal development with my customers, so I do entertain a certain level of marketing knowledge. That said, getting people through the doors of my virtual consultancy proved to be a challenge explicitly because I was not clear on how to leverage my prior experience to gain the trust of my potential clients. Hence, my experience with my Business Coach that I hired late last year has been breathtakingly eye opening and I am deeply appreciative of now knowing what I did not know before.

My coach and his partner have single-handedly taught me how to leverage my consulting and business experience to acquire an audience of potential clients via social media channels. It started off very rough, but has evolved beautifully to the point where I feel supremely confident in my ability to influence others via my commentary and experience in my selected field. I am very passionate about helping small business owners to develop their businesses via government contracts because my dad was able to secure that same opportunity and it provided prosperity for our family. As I work to complete my first webinar, I am both excited and nervous about what is to come. However, I go into the future more confident than ever before. I feel that I am on the cusp of great and exciting new things. Cheers!





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